Facebook Cover Photo – You’re Doing It Wrong

Whether you have a separate Facebook page for business or not, you need a customized Facebook cover picture for your personal AND business page. When people come to your page what do they see? Do you sell makeup, real estate, or offer any kind of services i.e. Dog Breeder, Horse Trainer, Graphic Designer,  etc…? That should somehow be included in the cover photo of your personal Facebook page.


Because anytime someone visits your page or hovers over your profile picture on their news feed your cover photo will pop up. The cover photo is valuable space that you should be utilizing to help show the world how passionate you are about whatever is that you do. It also helps that every time they see your picture they associate you with your service, product, company, etc.. and will be more likely to refer you to someone because you are programmed into their memory bank simply because of a picture.

Want a custom Facebook cover for your page? Contact us to get started with a basic customized header for just $20.

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